About Catalik

At Catalik, our primary focus is improving the odds of success for  projects in an industry where medium to large IT development projects often face high failure rates.  By leveraging the expertise of our member companies, and our own investment in developing tools, processes, and execution models that improve the odds of success, we aim to deliver projects on time, within budget, and with the expected benefits. The biggest cost of a project, that is often ignored or not considered, is not the actual development cost of the project, or the hourly rates of team members, but is the probability of failure of the project. A failed project is a very expensive project, once the opportunity cost, or intangible costs like reduced team morale, low customer satisfaction, and brand dilution are considered.  Our vision:

To lead the industry in delivering successful, on-time, and on-budget software development projects.

To build a global network of trusted development partners committed to excellence and innovation.

To transform the IT project landscape by significantly reducing failure rates and maximizing client satisfaction.

Set the Standard
To set the standard for project management and execution in the software development industry.
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