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Catalik is a member “cooperative” of more than 100 development companies, with a total team strength of more than 12000, spread out all over the world. With so many members, we are bound to find the right team for you.

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Combined, our member teams have expertise in successfully delivering software development projects across diverse industries. Below are some examples of projects delivered by our members.

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Customer Success

One of the main criteria that Catalik uses for selecting member companies is their commitment to customer success. Companies that are committed to customer success hire the right people, have the right processes in place, and provide the right motivation to their team.

Right People
Right people have the required experience, know how to motivate their team, understand what the customer needs, how to get the required information, and know how to right the ship if and when needed.
Right Processes
Right processes, whether for communication, project delivery, security, or quality, facilitate team collaboration, effective resource management, and timely delivery, reducing risks and improving the odds of success. All Catalik member companies use the same standardized processes.

Project Success

Right people and the right processes go a long way towards ensuring project success. Some other critical factors include:

Planning and Analysis
A proper upfront analysis with a realistic budget and timeline is critical for the success of any project. Too often, projects are started without detailed analysis, leading to increased odds of failure.
Rent, Buy or Build
Oftentimes, companies decide to custom build a solution. Building offers tailored solutions but is time-consuming, resource-intensive, and entails probably the highest risk of failure. Renting and buying should be given serious consideration first.
Clear communication is critical for project success as it facilitates problem-solving and decision-making, helping to mitigate risks and achieve project milestones efficiently.
Probability of Success
Catalik is developing an AI-based metric called Success Quotient (SQ) to predict the probability of success of a project at any time. Such a metric will be immensely useful for project stakeholders as it will allow them to make informed decisions, and thereby increasing the probability of success.

Success Quotient, SQ

As a part of its commitment to Customer and Project success, Catalik is developing a metric that predicts the probability of success for a project – anytime during the execution of the project, or even before the project is started. We call it Success Quotient or SQ (pronounced sku) for short.

AI based future looking success metric
Based on project data from member companies as well as available project data from other sources.
Aids in critical decision making
Alongside actionable insights, which are integral to it, the metric aids stakeholders in making critical decisions about projects. For instance, it assists in determining which projects to greenlight, or during execution, what steps can be taken to improve the odds of success.
Available as part of engagment with Catalik
All Catalik customers have access to this metric.

Our Process

Intial Call
Discuss the requirements at high level and address any questions that you might have.
Connecting with the right team
We'll connect you with the best member company within 2 business days. For larger projects, Catalik will assign a US-based Program Manager as your local contact, streamlining the process. Say goodbye to endless back-and-forth.
Detailed requirement discussion and plan
The member company will review the requirements and provide a high-level budget and timeline. Upon approval, the project moves to the Blueprinting Phase for the creation of a detailed project plan.
Project Execution, Tracking, and Delivery
After approval of the detailed plan, the project enters the execution phase. Catalik oversees project progress to ensure successful delivery.

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    We prioritize selecting companies as members based on their commitment to customer success. We start by internally assessing them using publicly available data, then reach out to gauge their interest. Following their expression of interest, we conduct a thorough evaluation process, typically lasting about 4 weeks. This evaluation encompasses factors such as past project performance, team expertise, process maturity, executive commitment, and team enthusiasm. Upon completion of the evaluation, if deemed suitable, we extend an invitation for membership.

    Catalik is a member "cooperative" of development companies. We seek firms with mature processes and lean hierarchies—ideally, only 1-2 levels between the project delivery team and the founders. Companies with 100 to 700 team members typically fit these criteria. Projects are assigned based on expertise and an internal review score, allowing members to avoid generating leads or submitting multiple proposals, thus reducing costs. Members also have a financial stake in Catalik.

    Catalik takes responsibility for all the work delivered by its member companies and it oversees project progress to ensure successful delivery. For medium to large projects, Catalik also assigns a local Program Manager as your contact.

    Catalik is confident in the quality of its member companies' work. We offer a satisfaction guarantee: if you're not pleased with the services provided, we'll refund up to two months of development services. You can retain any completed work, and we'll assist you in finding another member company.

    Absolutely. Catalik divides large projects into smaller subprojects and distributes them among multiple member teams. We oversee the overall project management, governance, and combined project delivery. This approach mitigates risk by involving multiple independent companies, eliminating single points of failure often present in larger development firms managing entire projects.

    On the contrary, the entire Catalik model focuses on lowering end costs for customers. One major, often overlooked expense in IT projects is the likelihood of project failure. Catalik's model aims to help member companies deliver projects more efficiently. Our processes are designed to significantly increase the chances of project success—delivering on time, within budget, and with expected benefits. Plus, we offer a risk-free guarantee. Try us and you can see the benefit yourself.

    Catalik member companies utilize a hybrid development model. Initial analysis and planning occur during the Blueprinting Phase, followed by project execution in sprints. Larger projects are segmented into subprojects, each taking 12-16 weeks. The level of upfront analysis and development flexibility varies based on project type and size. Projects with lower Success Quotients require more upfront analysis and fewer TBDs (To Be Determined tasks).
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